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September 19, 2015 - Tired2

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1st i must say your site is really hard to get back onto if you lost ur password. Remaking a new password doesnt help at all because after you do and try to log in with it it doesnt let you.


Now with a bit more i want to say. Target screwed me while working there and keeps screwing me even more even though i have a full time position now that i had even while working there im finding it impossible to find a second job and i think thats all because of target.


Ill be sharing things i went through there as much as possible from time to time. My biggest thing is their coachings. A normal work place invironment would help you if you were struggling but according to them if they even so much as tell you how to push a cart and you do it wrong and they tell you again how its not helping you its coaching and at the end of the day they will log it and if you get to many they will write you up. Shouldnt tls sit down with you and try to help?

Next is favortism i experienced alot of that, people cussed and swore in that store before hours and never ONCE got written up or “coached” because the ‘team leader” disnt hear it themselves!! But others if they so much had a opinion or talked about something they didnt like about target …somehow the tl knew about what was said evrn though they DID NOT hear it themselves because they were in the back room and then the tm who said it got coached. How is that fair?


Or followed and timed in the bathroom?  Walk out and team leader is standing right there, “you were un there 7 minutes what were you doing?”

Dont you all think this is harassment?


This and much more is why people leave target. They simply cant take the stress.






  • TargetSucks says:

    This site is run free of charge, and if you don't appreciate it, I suggest you fuck off. If you can't save your password, or use a real email address for password recovery, that's your own stupid fault. Dumb motherfucker.

  • hell0 says:

    Um excuse me!!i NEVER SAIDVI DIDNT LIKE THE SITE I WAS POSTING THAT IN ORDER THAT MAYBE YOU COULD HELP DUD YOU ONCE SEE ME BERATE YOUR SITE OR CALL YOU NAMES? MY EMAIL IS CORRECT AND MY PASSWORDS ARE CORRECT. You JUST posted a comment about not calling people names and yet YOU are brateing me when i NEVER SAID ONE BAD ONE ABOUT THE SITE AT ALL! NO NEED TO COME AT SOME ONE THAT WAY ESP WHEN LIKE I SAID I DID NOT SAY ANYTHING RUDE, MEAN OR SWEAR AT YOU. Maybe the site works for other people and for others it DOESNT all the time. I have saved my passwords over and over and when i click log in it wont let me so i am not even ENTERING anything wrong. That was extremely rude of you to say that to me when u wasnt bashing you, your site or anyone on here! You told us not to swear at eachother or about others and to gave respect then instead of ask me if maybe you could help OR look into it or give me a pointer you call me names? This is one if my FAVORITE sites why would i NOT like it?! If you feel i was being rude i appologise but i wasnt! If i DIDNT like the site i wouldnt have posted

  • hell0 says:

    Maybe i didnt word that correctly in my statement about the site not working for me but i really feel i did not deserve that harsh treatment at appologise if you think it was against ur site it wasnt at all if it was i would have said not that type of person to bash peoples stuff that i enjoy.

  • viciousdave says:

    At target, the leaders are all about you have to be perfect, sell that red card, ask every single guest, you only get two rest breaks before or after breaks, any break more than 15 minutes is bad, oh oh but lunches have to be 32 to 33 minutes, bacially the same thing as saying NO NO WE DO NOT WANT TO PAY YOU FAIRLY ONCE SO EVER! Target GSTLs and TLs and LODs are bastards. Never ever EVER remembering about respect or feelings. Target is the most bogus beyond un-natueral attitude I have ever seen and never recognize what respect is.


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