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January 2, 2017 - notawageslave

Back-breaking labor for chump change

I got a job at Target when I was desperate for a job.  I thought it was a good thing when I was hired on the spot.  Boy was I wrong.  I am an adult with real-world bills like rent, electric, gas, etc.  At first I got 40 hours a week working as a cashier.  I mentioned before that I had been a bookkeeper, and expressed interest in working the cash office.  At first they were very encouraging, but they “promoted” a person who had no cash-handling experience instead of me, despite the fact that I was hired before this person.  They kept me locked in the position of cashier.  I slung alot of redcards, but only got a 16-cent raise.  I tried to transfer to Electronics but was stonewalled.  I helped in every other department that they would let me, but most of the time they would condemn me to minding the self-check-out lanes.  I developed a severe spinal condition from being on my feet on hard linoleum without the benefit of a mat to stand on.  My hours were cut so they did not have to treat me as a full-time employee eligible for insurance.  When I tried to quit due to the issues with my back, I was told to call back when HR was in.  I told them they could leave a note for HR, I was done!  Never stepped foot in a Target store since then.  Now I have to get surgery on my back, at younger than 40.  At least the job I currently have is a blessing.  Forty hours a week, commissions paid, paid vacation, and medical insurance.  Plus a much better employee discount!  (Not retail, apartment industry).  If you work at a place that you cannot afford to shop at, then there is something wrong.  I encourage everyone still stuck in Target’s sticky web to pursue other options.  If you can make a trophy wife sign up for a redcard then you can easily persuade someone to lease an apartment from you, or buy a car, or an insurance policy, or a cell phone.  Plus, unlike pushing redcards, you will get a commission and you will get the product you’re selling at cost.  To Target, you are expendable.  You are better than that! Go get a job for a company that will treat you like a human being!


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  • MrSharkNasty says:

    You don't need to get surgery on your back. If you believe you do from standing around for 40 hours a week then you are being fooled by people who pad their pockets by doing surgeries. Most back problems are corrected by diet and exercise, especially the one you described developing. Simply losing 20-lbs and balancing your muscles will fix a lot of issues. Correcting your posture is critical as well. After you established a healthier you and still have issues then see a chiropractor. If that has failed THEN YOU SEEK SURGERY. Surgery is the quick fix method marketed by people who make tons of money. Stop searching for the magic pill and start putting in the work! I have a lot of experience with this. I have an exercise science degree and played college football. I'm very well aware of what normally needs to be done before surgery is even considered.


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