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  • November 15, 2012 - yousaidwhat

    Do as I say, not as I do.

    Well, I just quit Target and I already feel better. I was plagued by incompotent, irrational managers. They always complained and corrected everyone around them even though they, themselves never obeyed the rules that they so righteously enforced. It amazed me that these people who have to have a college degree to be an ETL are this stupid. Example: I showed up to work one Sunday morning to set up the new ad. It was 6 am and the team was ready to go…except the ETL’s that were supposed to be there. I got the team started and found out that the ad wasn’t even finished being scanned in. Arrgh! I proceeded to finish scanning while the team put up what was ready. At 6:30am the ETL’s stroll in. They didn’t even ask what was going on or offer to help. They then took an hour lunch at 10 am and the ad wasn’t even done yet. That Monday I told the STL what had happened and she did nothing about it. Some nerve! The next week I get pulled into the office for being “grumpy” at work. WTF! In any other job when someone is grumpy you leave them alone and chalk it up to a bad day, not pull them into the office and piss them off more! They give more consideration to the employees there and hardly any to the lower managers. Employees can complain about a manager and the ETL’s and STL will crucify the lower manager. In other jobs when a manager gets on your case you do your fucking job, not run to a higher manager and complain. Target is backwards. Employees have the power and lower management gets crapped on. That’s why I had enough and quit 20 minutes before my shift started. BEST DAY EVER!!