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  • So in continuation of my previous post just recently I got called in and accused for a having two no call no shows.  When I was told this I immediately ask what day the second one was on cause I remember the first one cause I ended up showing up at the time I was supposed to be leaving for that shift due to putting in the wrong time on my phone by accident and if I missed a day I surely would have heard about it the next day I worked.  Turns out the second one was on a day that I actually did work and I remember working that day too cause they had called me a few hours before my shift to see if I could come in the next day and then called me again an hour later telling me they didn’t need me to come in the next day anymore.  That was also the day before our store had a visit from the DM and I remember the LOD that night complimented me on how good my zone was.  During the time we’re waiting to get a confirmation that I did work that day the TL I was talking to dropped this lovely little line to me when I asked why they wouldn’t have called me, “While some TLs or LODs might call to see where some one is at sometimes, that is not my responsibility.”  What little faith I had in this stores management was instantly lost when I heard this.

  • So for the past three months it seems that my store is trying to find as much shit they can so they can fire me in the near future.  I had started noticing it around the end of March when it seemed like around every corner there was an LOD or TL ready to tell me to do something or make sure I’m “on task.”  It wasn’t until the beginning of April that my suspicions were confirmed when I got called in to have a lovely little corrective action talk.  The three things they listed off to me were that I was hanging around electronics to much and in turn slacking off according to them thus “making everyone else having to pick up the slack”, I neglected to pick up and hang signs back up on to here hangers, and one night I had forgotten to zone the back wall of toys and had to be reminded to go and do it.  Finally towards the end I was told that I’m not communicating on the walkie enough, I’m not doing pulls, reshop, and zoning fast enough with a sense of urgency, and it seems like I don’t want to be there.