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  • June 14, 2014 - vmj11

    Vibe moments

    Ok just wanted to start off saying Target is an nice place to shop but not such a nice place to work. Is anyone experiencing these “vibe” moments at your store? Well what I mean is at my store they are wipping the guest but left and right. For example a week ago at my register we had to change prices for guest that were originally 49.99 to 19.99 cause the guest said it was in the wrong spot. We had to do that for 2 people in a row. They call it vibing yeah right. I had an strong feeling the guest moved signs around so they get the good price. Another vibing experience was yesterday at my register a quest had 19 coupons for 19 exact same items & I tell her I can’t except these our manufacturer coupons limit 4 per an item per day per guest ect she than tells me oh guest service does it all the time.