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  • February 2, 2014 - unfollowed

    Can I just say…

    They are a multi billion dollar corporation, catering not to what is best for the public, but just what anyone in the public wants so that they can make the most money. And then they’re paying the vast majority of their employees no more than $8-12 an hour?? I’m sure they could shell out at least $15 an hour for the TM’s and to be honest I think that’s a lot more worth all of the busy work this job entails solely for the purpose of “driving sales.” That’s really all this shit is; BUSY WORK. Target has no heart. It’s not about making anyone happy, it’s about making money. THE VIBE? Please. Call it what it is: upselling people shit they really don’t even need.

  • January 6, 2014 - unfollowed

    Am I lazy or am I trying too hard?

    Ok I’ve worked at Target for about a month now. I was hired as hardlines and backup cashier. Everytime I leave this place I feel like I did a bad job and while I’m there I just feel like the shittiest employee ever. But I know that I’m trying the best I can!

    Every LOD has basically made me feel like I can’t zone fast enough. But I’m just trying to make it look like the brick wall they’re always talking about. And that takes time! It probably takes me about 10 minutes to make an aisle look perfect, depending on the shape it’s in. And I don’t know what to do besides the best I can?

    I’ve talked to people about how to zone the easiest. I’ve learned going from up to down and then over is more efficient and that’s cool but when you’re constantly finding garbage and strays that adds a whole new distraction because then I have to go put those away and then they’ll call me up to cashier or grab push and put the push away and it’s like, “OMG how do you expect me to get 13 aisles done in 2 hours on top of all this?”

    Am I just really slow or am I overthinking it?