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Archives / October 2010

  • I was hired on to Target about 2 months before a new SuperTarget opened in Mesquite, TX on October 11, 2009. There’s a lot I wish to hit on but I’d be here all day so I’d instead like to give you a brief example of how Target deceived and lied to its’ employees and the community.

    From the very beginning Target discourages any type of unionization among employees. Always report everything to your Team Leader or HR. Never form any type of union at all. Unions are evil. You will be represented by Human Resources. They go on to tell you of how supportive their management staff is and how they are there to help you.

    I was there for Target’s grand opening speech where the Store Manager said that it would bring in over 300 jobs to the city. This of course was a bold lie. The following is something I can’t prove, but this is what happened. Draw your own conclusions.