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  • December 23, 2011 - tonyvee

    I might get fired this week:/

    well my name is tony. I’m 19. I was hired by target as seasonal cashier. My store is located in the city of manhattan beach, ca. Well what happened was I was scheduled to work from 4pm to 12:30am last Sunday, but my uncle and his family happened to be in a fatal car accident at around 3:30 pm so while I was preparing to go to work I received a call from my father. He had told me about my uncle. So without calling target and letting my GSTL know what had transpired I quickly drove to the hospital and didn’t go to work that day. Today I was scheduled to work again but I didn’t show up because I was at church and I had forgotten.

    Anywho, I don’t think workin at target was working out. I had two lunch violations and I didn’t like working there.

    Reasons why were because the GSTL’s At my target are douche’s, slot of the so called “team members” either walk past you and seem to ignore you or they are bitchy, executive team leaders are r******d too. One time my GSTL put me as greeter/cart giver. And one of the exec’s happened to be walkin near the entrance and he told me I wasn’t doing my job when on past 4 days I was at that post for 7 hours straight. He made his fucking comment by just watching me for 5 min’s.

    I also hate the hr dept people that are a pain to deal with. . I go to school on tue and thus and I had talked to my GSTL about getting those days off and she said yes. I then proceeded to fill out an availability form and it has been rejected 4 times now. Because of that b/s I have missed three weeks of school. Going back to missing one of my lunches well in reality i had only missed 1 here’s why. In one occasion I had punched the “end meal” button instead of the “work meal” button. I had let the hr person know what happened and she said “oh it’s ok. when you get back from lunch just hit the start work button and we will fix the problem. DONT WORRY” well one week later she calls me in and told me I got another lunch violation and made me sign and initial some stupid papers. I even told her that she said everything was going to be fine and she was going to fix the problem but she just told me. “you still missed your lunch”. I just signed my name on the paper all sloppy and left.
    Well this is my experience working at this lame-ass company. I hope at least I do get to keep the job