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Archives / August 2015

  • August 13, 2015 - TiredTargetear

    Does anyone eles get phone calls from this number?

    I received a weird phone call that left a voice message from a 866-246-0758. When I go to Google it, people say it’s a debt collector from a AMO 3rd party for not paying you’re target red card! The voice message mentioned my name and everything! I don’t have a target credit card! I have the debit card but that’s it. Anyone else have this happen?

  • June 19, 2015 - TiredTargetear


    This place is driving me insane. Literally I come in to work thinking how completely stupid the management of this place is. Everyday is a new set of rules that some dumb ETL probably made up during a meeting that would “help our guests.

    I have got pulled into a room more than 5 times in the passed 2 months because I haven’t been talking about the damn Red card. Will you fucking shut the hell up about red cards already already??

  • Let me start off with saying that this REDCARD crap is ridiculous. I work at a target where it is not that big of a town so we get alot of loyal guest that come in everyday and already have the REDCARD. A REDCARD is a great thing to have Im not going to lie but they push it way to damn far to expect on getting 44 REDCARDS a week. I mean really??