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  • Most of the people on this site are idiots. You guys don’t hate Target you hate working RETAIL. Of course you have to work holidays, of course the pay sucks, and of course your hours go up and down like crazy, it’s the nature of the beast. But all in all Target isn’t that bad, when used appropriately. Anyone working in retail as their long-term career is gonna be miserable.  Jobs like this are supposed to give you a little cash while you are working on bigger and better things.

    I just got hired on as a seasonal Flow team member, and I’m working on my BA in IT, I like it so far because I don’t plan on staying here forever. My manager is really nice since has a crush on me (and he’s cute) so that helps hahahaI.  But anyway I show up, do my job get paid and move on… I suggest you all do the same.  If you want a better job, educate yourself so you become deserving of a position that pays great, has steady hours, benefits, etc…