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  • August 27, 2012 - thomas

    Target Jokes

    Does anyone know of any Target jokes? It wa sinteresting when they gave me a manager shirt for getting the most red cards. Yet, they fired me for such petty BS. I could not wait to get out. I have one. How many Team Leaders does it take to screw in a light bulb? None, because they do not know their head from their asses. Why do I say that? Well peons like you and I do all the hard work and they get all the credit.

  • I worked this place during my ninety day period as a cashier. This place is terrible. They fired me over petty BS. I sold over 40 credit cards, which no one has even come close to selling. I also never called out. I always asked to be cross trained in different departments only to be told no. They gave me eight hour shifts mixed with four hour shifts. They scheduled me past my ninety day period and never told me what I could do better. They claimed there was some complaints. However, there were a lot of customers that loved my job performance and commented to managers about this. I have a Masters degree and they still started me at 7.75 an hour. What is that about? The day that they fired me the idiot GSA said:’ We know that you worked hard for your education. You are struggling with the basics of cashiering.” I figured: “What is that about?” I got tired of these people picking on me for no reason. I usually don’t write on these boards. However, I felt like I had to. When I asked them where I could file a complaint, there response was: “I do not know where you can file one.” Does anyone know where I can file a complaint at?