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  • June 9, 2014 - thehellwithtarget


    Hello Everyone

    So I’ve worked at Target for about A year and 8 months or so. Well what can I say I started as a Sales floor TM and electronics TM. Well throughout my whole year I was never schudeled for an electronics shift until after my first year the two times I was scheduled was on low and behold Black Friday and the day the PS4 came out. Throughout that year I made friends with a lot of the team member all cool people. I also started to notice this guy that worked electronics was a total douche bag who thought he was above everyone else cuz his brother was dating the HR ETL’s sister. He said he would get fired cuz he has immunity. That dumbass never did anything he would always be far away from the boat never answer the phone always would flirt with any girl that was there and would leave an effin mess at the boat ALL THE TIME!!! The Senior Team Lead was a bit of a jerk as well always had someone else do his job that he couldn’t finish which was up to douchbag guy to do it. Which he was basically his bitch. Haha