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  • July 31, 2012 - TheAssistant

    My Story

    First off, I’ve just got to say, I didn’t honestly know sites like this existed.

    Or, to clarify, that they were ALLOWED to exist without repercussions from Target.

    I’m guessing now that all of the stuff about ‘you can’t talk about Target or your work experience on the internet or you’ll get fired’ was complete and utter BOLLOCKS.

    Side note- I use British slang and grammar.

    Moving on.

    When I first heard that a Target store would be built in my town, I was excited. Ecstatic even. After one year of trying to find a job, here was my chance. About a year or so later, I was hired for Flow team. At first it wasn’t that bad. I was one of four electronic flow team members, and I enjoyed my job. I had two team leads, a woman and a man. The woman happened to also be an ETL. After about a month, however, she just started to outright HATE me. She’d yell at me, single me out, put me in different parts of the store, and generally make my life hell. The other team lead, the guy, said I was doing nothing wrong, as did the rest of my fellow team members. It got so bad that I would struggle not to cry every single moment I was there. I’m naturally a timid and gentle girl, and this woman was naturally abrasive and disgusting, so maybe it was the differences in our personalities. I’m still not sure. Enter my first bout with depression. Every day I’d want nothing more than to just curl up in a ball and die.