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  • September 4, 2013 - Thatwierdguy

    Turns out I am still on the schedule …..

    I have posted earlier on here about my story so I am going to repeat a little bit of it. Keep in mind my last day working there was on the 16th of August, after that I called in once or twice and did a “no call no show” once. I figured being the new guy and calling in or your 4th day of work and doing a “no call no show” the next shift was an automatic termination. I freaked out because they gave me 9-10 days off straight and only gave me 8 hours the week after that so I did the next best thing, look for another job. I did just that and I am currently working at Fry’s which by the way is pretty fun since the people there are laid back and funny as hell, oh and on a side note, I got to meet Alice Cooper on my first day! Turns out he’s a regular there.

    So anyways, I went in earlier today to pick up my 1st check and last day at Target and my HR manager invites me to her office and says ” ______! How are you?! Where have you been?! I haven’t seen you since orientation.” , she said it in a friendly manner so I wasn’t being yelled at. I replied “I am doing good and have been working at my new job because I was getting very few hours here and I thought I was fired for that no call no show.” I couldn’t believe her face expression, she was shocked as hell, lol. She says “You did a no call no show?! No one told me about that!” and continues “Well did you know that you are still on the schedule?.” Right when she said that the first thing to pop into my head was “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!?”

  • August 19, 2013 - Thatwierdguy

    So here’s my situation …..

    Just in case other people haven’t seen my other post, I was recently hired at Target. They told me “We saw on your application that your availability is 35+ hours a week but as of right now, we are can only give you 20 hours, maximum, a week.” She said that because the store has been slow lately. But, when the holidays come by, she said that my hours are going to be doubled. So I thought “Well that’s fine, in the meantime I’ll look for a second job.” My last day there was the 15th, training on Sales Floor. I looked at the schedule before I left and saw that my next work day is on the 25th, next Sunday. That’s a whole 10 DAYS!! So far my experience working there has been “hhmm, this place is, ok” …. my co-workers seem to ignore me when I call for help, customers have given me weird looks for god knows whatever reason and they seem to always be pissed, I’m really slow at register and so far I only consider 1 person to be my friend and trust. So this is where I would like some suggestions.

  • Hello forum users!! I recently stumbled upon this forum about 3 or 4 days ago. I googled “Working at Target” because I was really nervous for my 1st day at cash register which was yesterday and to be honest it wasn’t so bad. I first shadowed an employee who’s been there for 3 years and than shadowed someone who has been there for about 4-weeks now. They were both really friendly and patient with me and thank god because I thought I was going to get some jerk who would be constantly breathing down the back of my neck or showing me “his/her proper” way of doing things.

    So basically my shift last night was 5-10pm along with two other new people, from 5 to 7 we were on a training register than from about 7:15 to 8:00 we had to take this alcohol test and hazard material test. So from about 8:15 onward, I was put on the register with an employee behind me just in case I mess up. The night went pretty smooth with customers, it was funny though because all of my customers would ask “Your new here huh? I can tell.” I had a few that would say stuff as “Yea I know, I got a lot of shit to buy. So I hope I don’t give you a hard time, fuck I’m tired I just want to go home now.” and than he would giggle. I did NOT offer the redcard because I wanted to get the hang of the buttons and the employee with me was all like “That’s ok, it’s good to try and get that first and the redcard stuff will come later to you. No worries!” I felt like giving her a hug but I didn’t, lol but it might of looked like sexual harassment.