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  • June 17, 2015 - texastargetsucks

    meal compliance.

    My etls and team leads always make a big deal of following the breaks they give us.

    That’s being said, I hit compliance twice because they didn’t schedule me a lunch on a six hour shift. When I asked if I should get one the lod said, ” no you won’t need one Because you’ll be out before that”

    1. That has to be illegal to work someone 5.55 hours just so they don’t have to take a lunch.

    2. We stayed late both days and not once did an lod let me know I was comming up on compliance.

    I’m just wondering, can I be terminated for hitting compliance, and if so is there anyway I can fight that because they told me not to take a lunch. Screw target.

  • - texastargetsucks

    target in texas fudged me

    I’ve been with target for four years. I started at 7.55 an hour. First 2 raises where shit, like 12 cents then 15 cents. I’m currently, after 4 years of working, an at 9.25 an hour.

    ok so cashiers that just got their first review got bumped up to 9. Plus whatever raise they get on top of that. So after 1 year 4 cashiers are making the exact same amount as me. On top of that , my coworker s review was overall ineffective, his raise was 43 cents. My reviews all four years have been either effective or excellent, this year’s being effective, my raise was 33 cents. How does that make sense?