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  • December 13, 2014 - tegrat

    My two cents so far

    On the 18th marks my first month at target as a seasonal cashier. Its been something else. First of all I applied on a whim, I know during seasonal time most major companies will hire almost anyone and this is my second time in seasonal. The first being Kmart. For me im just gonna say it. I get 9.50 and hour and +1.00 overtime. Anyone in any other position gets 10.50 apparently, We have a starbucks inside the target and the people there get 10.50, to pour coffee or heat up some sandwich or whatever. I chose cashier because I assumed ‘well the cashiers are half of what keeps everything moving so Id assume they’d make alittle more than floor’ apparently not.

    The only pro I can give target is the POS system being very forgiving because either kmarts was just so ancient and most POSs are like targets. Simple mistakes can easily be fixed with a few clicks. On the the more definite points.