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  • September 8, 2013 - TargettedCartguy

    Targetted by the Target Corp.

    Hi everyone, I’ve read a bunch of people’s horror stories of having to work at Target and having worked for them myself back in the day I thought I would share my experiences.


    I started working at Target back in 2006, collecting carts — seems like a common job among people here and unanimously hated for obvious reasons. The first thing I noticed straight off that I disliked about the job was that they expected me to have check lanes stocked with paper and plastic bags and have the bathrooms and floors and spills cleaned all while I am supposed to be gathering carts from the parking lot and occasionally zoning the store for stray carts. If doing those extras IS part of the job description (it didn’t seem like it was at the time I was hired, I just remember after starting my first day that a GSTL mentioned in passing that every hour or so I should check the bathroom for messes and what not), it seems like they should just break down and hire a full time janitor to be cleaning the bathrooms and any and all spills that occur on the Target racetrack during the day (but it’s much more cost-effective and more fun to punk around an already dogged employee and make him do all of the grunt work in addition to his own overbearing schedule while covering for his lazy cart attendant co-workers who seem to believe that hanging out by the magazine racks and discussing things like Pokemon and Football are efficient uses of company time and money.