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  • November 14, 2011 - targettard

    Target is The EndlessNot

    Every complaint I’ve seen on this site is accurate, yet no one blog seems to go far enough. Working for a company such as this is soul crushing on a variety of levels. The first thing a new employee will note is the overwhelming monotony one has to deal with. Sure, one expects a job like this to be fairly brainless, and I pity the individual surprised by this. So, ok…

    Then there is the obvious difficulty of occupying such a low position in the service industry.  A Target Team Member is a non-entity, without rights in the eyes of managers or the general public, undeserving of the respect one would give to a High School aged busboy.  Again… this isn’t really a surprise.  What, did you expect people to respect you in that ridiculous red and tan “casual” uniform?