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  • May 29, 2014 - targetsxs11

    Finally Done with Target

    I have worked for Target for 8 long years and I can tell you what, I am so thankful it is over.  I could not begin to tell you all of the frustrations I have incurred over the course of that time.  I worked in the pharmacy for the majority of my time and have been trying to get a job as an ETL with them for roughly 6 months.  I have been the definition of a model employee and always go above and beyond for not only my fellow employees but the “guests”.  Why I bothered to continue trying I will never know.  I’ve battled for raises I deserved, job titles I’ve deserved, transfers which should have been easy have been completely messed up to the point where the HR thought it a good idea to just terminate and rehire me instead of doing their job right, and to get hired on as an ETL.  So, they tried to tell me there were no job positions available, which is understandable minus the fact that I looked online and saw job postings  for well over 8 months.  Ouch.  Then when I am finally ready to move on to bigger and brighter things and cut ties with them for good, they decide to tell me there is a position open up in the area I want to work.  Terrific I think!  Dead wrong.  It took an entire month to just get through two interviews needing still one more to get hired on with the company.  Two weeks pass by after the second interview and no word from any of the recruiters or interviewers I have been in touch with.  So, I decide to email the initial person who contacted me regarding the position.  Within 5 minutes of sending my email, they respond sorry there has been a change and there will be no more needs at this current time.  Thanks a bunch for stringing me along for a month and sapping some more life from me.