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  • September 28, 2012 - targetisbullcrap

    Target Is Nothing But Phonies and Is A Bullshit Company

    Let me tell you my horror story of working for the bullseye. I applied for a job in September 2010 and I applied for a full time position with the company working overnights. I got the call and I met the HR person in the store here in Central Jersey and she said I was going to be hired on a seasonal basis. I NEVER applied for seasonal and I should of never even took the job but I needed to make money since I didn’t have a job at the time. That was bullshit number one.

    Later that year they offered us to work in Pfresh doing the truck and getting a GUARANTEED 8 hours. I had the 8 hours for a few months and than they cut it to a 5 hour shift around February when they said we would work a GUARANTEED 8 hours a day. Second case of Bullshit.

    I went back to overnights around April of 2011 and I liked my executives because both were mad cool and they didn’t bother you. The team leads are a different story because one would ALWAYS say something to me no matter what when I always did my job right and the executives didn’t even say anything to me at all. Bullshit number 3.