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  • December 18, 2009 - TargetDoesSuck

    Dear Target Customer service:

    Dear Target Customer service:

    As a customer since 2001 I was astonished today when I decided to take you up on your shopping offer and save 10% when using my Target to make a purchase. I checked my account balance and found that my available credit had been reduced recently which given the current state of the economy is completely understandable as you are likely minimizing risk. Rather than $300 of available credit I expected you had reduced my available credit in the last few weeks to just $100. Again, understandable given these uncertain times. So I took some cash and my card with $100 of available credit according to your update just a few days ago and went to my favorite Target location here in Seal Beach to do some Christmas shopping in an effort to take advantage of the 10% offer YOU SENT TO ME in the mail recently.

    When I arrived at check out after an hour and a half spent shopping at your establishment I was told by the very nice cashier that unfortunately the purchase had been declined. I reduced the level of my purchase to under $40 and was again told it would not go through. Unbelievable. How was this possible?