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Archives / December 2012

  • December 20, 2012 - Targetcansuckmybigthickmeatyone

    WTF do the LOD’s and TL’s actually do at this store????

    I’m starting to wonder if this is how they promote at my fucking piece of shit store. LOD #1::” Hey, see that lazy ass looking mother fucker over there?” LOD #2:”Yeah, what about him?” LOD #1: “Well, see how he is standing there doing nothing and scratching his ass, and picking his nose? I think he might be a good candidate to be our next TL over in Hard Lines.” I swear, this place is a fucking joke and I seriously think this is how they actually decide to do the promotions since I have yet to see ANY Team Lead or LOD EVER do any ACTUAL WORK. The fact that these lazy mother fuckers can stand around and bitch to everyone about how no one is working harder or faster is beyond me. Hey dumbfucks, how about getting out on the sales floor and do some actual “hard” work (we all know that the concept of this is an oxymoron to the LOD’s at Target) so that we know just what the fuck you are all talking about. There are 2 new team members at work there, and I swear, 1 of them is a child molester, and the other 1 acts like he belongs in a mental health care facility, but there are both buddy buddy with the GSTL, so I know they are both going to be the next 2 people to get the promotions.  I clocked into work one day and just jumped on a register, and this is pretty much my scenario every shift: GSTL:”So, how many RED cards have you gotten today?” Now, at this point, I don’t even fucking care about getting fucken RED cards anymore because they don’t treat me with any type of respect whatsoever, so I figure, since they all want to ass rape me and not have the decency to at least lube up first, then I can at least return the favor to them by fucking them over in whatever way I can. Me:”Me? None, I just clocked in 30 seconds ago.” GSTL:”Exactly, I expected you to already have 237 by now, and 5 minutes from now, I want you to at least have 1369 RED cards, we gotta make the quota.” Oooooooooooooohhhh, Whoopdie-Fucking-Doo, the quota.

  • November 14, 2012 - Targetcansuckmybigthickmeatyone

    Such a fuuuuuuuunnnn place to work.

    I love my job. I love that I work with the laziest dumbest fucking fuckheads on the planet. But enough about the team leads and LOD’s. I love that there are many times when I come in a whole 2 to 3 hours before certain team members or team leads but since they like to kiss ass, they get their breaks and lunches before I do. I love the rude, ugly, fat, stupid fuckhead guests who constantly argue with me because they are all rocket scientists and know my companies policies on certain things a lot better than I do. I mean, after all, they are all welfare recipients, so obviously they are the authorities and the poster boys and girls for what a genius looks like..