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  • July 22, 2014 - target_employee_not_for_long

    MyTime-> “For the Team Members”

    So I guess MyTime has rolled out… Does anyone else absolutely hate it?

    First off, it totally ignores everyone’s availability, doesn’t accept any Time Off requests or Availability changes. I have needed two weekends off and every time I tried to request off it was denied and I was scheduled, even when I told HR this. We also now only have two softlines team members after seven pm, which means we are guaranteed not to get anything done and the LOD will flip out on us. Yay, us!

  • July 3, 2014 - target_employee_not_for_long

    Target Life

    How to begin… I applied at Target very soon after I turned sixteen. They emailed me back and said that they weren’t interested in me. Two months later, I get a call from Target practically begging me to reapply, and I was hired with an interview that maybe had three questions. What? I love cashiering and Target. 90 Day Review? No big deal, I got a .25 cent raise. A couple weeks later, another .26 cents for my yearly review. Wow, Target sure is an awesome place to work.

    This is where it gets fun.