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  • October 27, 2010 - Target57

    want to know what ETL’s get paid?

    ETL’s will start at around 45K and max around 75K-80K.
    When I left Target as an ETL I was at 70K. Yes it is a lot for a baby sitter.

  • So for most of us we think that our hard work and attention to details will pay off for us when our annual review rolls around? With in many companies this is the case, but not for Target.

    See when it becomes time to write the Team Leader reviews there scores are already submittedto the HRR so she or he can review them before they are approved. This all takes place before “I” a former ETL for 10+ years, even begins to think about all of the accomplishments or areas of opportunity for a Team Leader.

    So how does this begin?