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  • January 3, 2015 - SusieH

    Almost fired despite asking for a leave

    SO, I think I was almost fired because I asked for a leave to deal with some personal crap that I had to take care of. I made sure all but ONE shift was taken care of, which I told them I couldnt take because it went against my availability, and that’s ILLEGAL (which I didnt mention). So, I go visit a freind and when I come back I call Tarshit asking wtf they wanted. My manager asks me to come in, which could have easily have been discussed over the phone. I look like shit as it is- it was right after Christmas and the holidays are what causes family conflict. Anyhoo, she finally approves my leave in front of HR AND then asks me why I need it.

  • December 18, 2014 - SusieH



    I am using a fake name because I am terrified someone at that shit hole will find it and make my remaining days there even fucking worse than they are now

    I decided to work for this shithole because i had time off school and i got bored. Their orientation is a joke: at the end of the day, like everywhere else, they give two shits about you and give more shits about the profit. Most people there will twist things around to make sure you get blamed for their shit. I never got trained on cash but i always get called in for it because people are too fucked to show up for work. They claim they give a shit about ‘team members’ but the reality is they dont fucking care. The pharmacists is awesome. That’s the only time i will return to that shithole: for that guy.