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  • May 12, 2015 - Alice

    Worst job ever; Fuck you Target!

    Ive worked at target since September. This is my first job and i was so fucking excited to work there as i had liked target for a long time. I was hired in softlines. Now, let me explain my softlines training. I was put on a floor with a girl who didnt even know what she was doing. She showed me where the brands in RTW were then told me to put clothes away. Thats it. A little later that day i had my cashier training. They gave me a book, put me on the training register, and yeah. Thats it. They. Then put me on a lane with a girl that just up and left. Yes, work for tarshit and this is your training. Just a month later i was put on as operator. Worst. Job. Ever.