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  • December 18, 2014 - summerhelp

    One small mistake

    so one day I’m checking guests out. This one lady….let’s call her Suzan. Suzan comes to my register happy and nice. I greet her nicely. I begin to check her out. She only had four items up there. So I get to her last item and this rude woman who ends up being Suzan’s friend comes to my register. Let’s call the rude woman Betty. So betty grabs her item which is like the bottle with the hand soap in it. I asked her nicely “This is your item?” And she responds “ugh yeah” rudely. So I ignored her.  So I go back to checking Suzan out and suzan hands me her money. I admit I was going to fast when I entered in the amount of money she gave me. So I gave her too much money back. She was nice about it at first after I apologized over four times because I was a little embarrassed.

  • hey guys

    I worked at target for three horrible months in the summer. I absolutely hated it. I know you get horrible guests anywhere you work but it’s like target guests are on a different level. So anyway I didn’t like it. For one its so hot at those registers your dizzy all the time. Two everybody was quitting left and right. Too much work for this little pay. And they didn’t want to help me advance while other people who were working there for shorter times than myself could advance to guest services or Starbucks (i was originally hired to work at starbucks but they put me at cashier). So now I’m back for Christmas break. I’ve been calling and calling and I’m still not in schedule   I even go up there and it’s a whole new set of employees so no one will help me and even the people that know me didn’t help. And our supervisor or whatever her title is she wears too many hats because everybody is quitting.  So I officially don’t want to work there.