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  • March 5, 2010 - st. louis hater

    Target Hates People

    Get a load of this! I work for a target in st. louis for about 10 years. I had heard last week that a co-worker’s father passed away. i wanted to know when the wake and funeral was. So, I waited a week to ask since i hadn’t heard anything since they ALWAYS post the wake/funeral announcements. Today, I asked someone at work when my co-worker’s funeral was and they told me it was on 2 days ago. So i in turn asked why wasn’t it posted earlier. I was told that Target doesn’t post that stuff anymore because it’s not “brand”, or professional looking to post such stuff. Basically, it doesn’t look good for the store’s image.

    I COULD NOT TELL YOU HOW ANGRY I WAS WHEN I HEARD THIS!!! The fucking powers-that-be think it looks bad? What the hell is that logic? The company used to care about people somewhat, now they don’t even matter because of corporate bullshit logic like that. THAT”S WHY I am so glad I’m leaving the company and getting a career going and dumping the shit hole of a company. If you ever consider working for the “bulls-eye”, think again!

    – st. louis hater