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Archives / October 2014

  • Let me preface this by stating our store used to close at 10 pm. We now close at 11. Staying 2-3 hours late gets us clocked out sometimes at 1 am and on some occasions nearing 2 am. It was normal for us to have our zones completed by 11 in hardlines, but for some reason we are constantly being kept late and it gets blamed on softlines who they rarely have more than 2-3 people working ALL of softlines. Now we have low coverage in hardlines as well, but when the reshop is out of control on Saturday’s for example, there is little chance of it being completed by closing from the softlines people. The cashiers leave on time no matter what… but they use hardlines to help softlines and even when everything seems to be completed we are still kept additional hour(s). If I am scheduled from 3pm to 11:30 pm I think it should be reasonable to expect to leave by 12:00 am which is already 30 minutes past my shift. I sometimes have assignments that need turned in by the morning, but they really don’t care how much they screw our schedules up. I have even worked till 2 am and they knew I had to come in early for ad placement at 6 am but they said I had to show up or be fired. BLECH


  • I can’t state how many times we have closed till 1 or 2 am at our store, and have been scheduled to work a morning shift the following errrrrrrrrrrrr same day. I closed last Saturday where we do ad takedown, and we got out at nearly 2 am, then on Sunday I was scheduled for 6 am ad placement. I told the managers ahead of time that we would likely stay late, and if that was the case I would like to come in later on Sunday. They told me “There is no federal law for retail workers to have time in between their shifts, so you just have to deal with it and come in.” I expressed that I didn’t want to work without sleep and was told “You should be able to get a couple of hours rest before coming in.” which I think is a ridiculous response. Federal law or not, there should be a Target policy allowing time in between rest with shifts!!

  • It really is a joke how Target never gets “targeted” by the media for their low wage practices. They cut hours like morons because they don’t watch their payroll on closing shifts, then everyone has hours cut till they catch up (and ensure their bonuses) but they expect the same production rate. 8 hours of work done in 4 hours of an actual shift is common during weeks where hours are cut. They willingly take away hours, UNTIL they have them. Then when they have them, they overschedule people who signed up for part time hours. People who signed on for 25-30 hours cause they are students or have another job regularly get 10-15 extra hours when payroll is not an issue. They constantly deny schedule changes, as well as requests for days off, but yet when their payroll is lower they have no problem to cut anyone and everyone as they choose. All of these issues for such pathetic annual “raises”