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  • November 9, 2010 - smallz123

    Just started and I regret it terribly!!

    I took a seasonal position,  hoping to hold me over till I found something better, or to be able to work part time there and somewhere else during and  after the holiday.  I’m used to working in an office, something far more structured and used to a far more professional atmosphere. I knew I was running a risk of being trapped in a job I may hate, but needed to make some bucks. I was told the only position available was register, which I was reluctant to take.  Well, I did so and it’s been a nightmare.  I made it clear in my interview I wanted to be cross trained for other jobs so I could pick up more hours. I was told by both people who interviewed me that I could do that, and it would be helpful during the seasonal rush.  I have mentioned it a few times and no one wants to address the issue. They treat me like I’m the asshole.