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  • May 8, 2012 - shelana99

    target hates my religion and my people

    I was never formally trained in ANYTHING. They just kind of ran through the basics and sent me on my way… I am grateful that there were some experienced transfers that knew how to use a PDA and were actually willing to take the time to show me how things worked.

    I worked for target from2007.I started as deli helper ,my team lead was Betty although my application was for cashier but HR said we can not give you cashier but we have opening in deli department , I did not mind because I need job, I worked for deli and I heard a lot of complains about Betty .she was not doing any thing beside talking and sitting at Starbucks and chatting for long time with her friends.and it was only one person working with her and that person should do every thing while she was eating and drinking coffee.i when I have line I asked her to help at the bakery me . she always say ,this not my business.

    I did not complain .she start taking advantage of me she was screaming at me and making fun of me in front her friends I tried to stay away .and then after 6 month they transferred her friend Briana from bakery to deli because she was too lazy at bakery .then Briana started to bring her gifts and buy her lunch so she can give her more hours and( Gloria)too started doing same thing to get more hours .and know we have three lazies and less hours for me and she was bad with me she did not let me take lunch on time and she was making fun of my accents and why I am so quiet and why my kids do not talk to her when they are with me shopping at target . I told her I am like this and my kids are also quiet . one day I told Betty I want to have one Saturday off ,she said why? I told her I want to take my kids to zoo , her answer was “do you want to visit your family?” in front of Gloria, a team member of deli.