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  • December 7, 2012 - seespotsuck

    Fast Fun and Friendly, my ass

    So I took a part time job at Target for some extra holiday money . I figured since I shopped there pretty frequently, having an extra discount would come in handy . Let me also preface the rest of this by saying I’m a 40 year old with a degree and and have worked my fair share of bullshit jobs in my life . Unfortunately nothing could have prepared me for the soul sucking black hole that is Target . The first few weeks weren’t so bad . The pay completely sucked but I was being paid to pull merchandise forward . A fucking monkey could do my job . But then, shit changed as the weeks went on . The one thing I learned real fast was that if you actually do a decent job at work, you’ll end up doing all the hard tasks they don’t want to give to the other lazy fuckwits. Great. I get to work twice as hard for the same pay. Who wouldn’t want that sweet deal?

    Next up . The awesome LOD’ s . Seriously, what a bunch of incompetent, rude, corporate lackeys. I actually had one of mine tell me “Less talk, more work” while customers, I mean “guests” were right in earshot . Seriously, you twat? Who the fuck talks to someone like that? Oh, I’m sorry . God forbid I derive any pleasure whatsoever from this job . It’s almost like they’re trying to weed out the non obedient sheep from the herd by being such complete dicks. You want respect from me? How about treating me with some respect asshole. Maybe it’s because when time for recognition comes around I never open my mouth . Take your Vibe cards and shove them up your ass too.