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  • December 8, 2018 - season2813

    Seasonal in November

    My first time in retail in over 10 years was at Target. Never again. I got hired instantly because they were doing a hiring spree for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas – and clearly stated: No one is allowed to take off.  I didn’t mind and took the job for some extra money. Everything started off great. I was Inbound/SRT. 4 AM on double truck days. 6 AM on single truck days. Often times, I could get a little “over time” (we all know there is no such thing), especially on double truck days. On single truck days, they were more stringent about what hours you could work and tried to send you home early.

    Well, I had entered the truck one day and figured I’d help someone. I had no clue what I was really doing, but I had just been pushing the boxes from the truck to the line. The girl I was working with, with a manish complex, was loading all the boxes on to the conveyor belt. She got a little backed up and busy and was helping the manager lift some stuff on to a pallet, so I figured I’d just keep the line moving and grabbed a few boxes from the truck. “Fucking get away, I don’t need your fucking help. Get the fuck off my line” is what I heard. I was new, so I was like, “Why is this bitch being so nasty to me?”