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  • February 28, 2012 - rlb8426

    Hello, and Goodbye.

    About two months ago I was contacted by the local Target about my job application and asked to come in for an interview the following day. The interview went very well. They told me that they needed a full time Price Team member to work from 6a-2p or 8a-4p around 5 days a week. I wasn’t too pleased with the hours, but this being my first job, I dealt with it. So, two weeks went by, and I called Target to follow up and they told me they’d have the HR get in contact with me. I called a week later, and they connected me to the HR manager and she said she’d call me the next day and schedule orientation. A week later, I called back. No answer. Nobody could help me. Then, a week later she calls about my job and tells me to come in the next day for orientation. It took OVER A MONTH for them to contact me. Well, I went to orientation. And I started the following week. (A month and a half after interview).

    I showed up 10 minutes early for a good “first impression” and rang the door bell and was immediately REAMED and told that I can’t show up that early!