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  • So hello there fellow target haters! I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I have dealt with the biggest load of fuckery this past week. As anyone who has ever gotten the pleasure to have me as a cashier or a friend or just have met me or talked to me in general knows, I am a very friendly person and I enjoy engaging in conversation. So of course, I am going to talk to my guests and make sure that they enjoy their experience and come back. Well apparently, that’s frowned upon at Target! Yes, that’s right, I got told by my trollface manager that I shouldn’t talk to my guests because it will lower my score! As if I give a fuck about my score being lowered. To me, talking to the guest and making sure that they have a nice experience and like me and make sure they come back is more important, BUT NOT TO TARGET! OH NO, THEY WANT YOU IN AND THEN OUT RIGHT AWAY. This actually made me furious so of course, i did the mature thing, I TALK TO MY GUESTS MORE!

  • June 3, 2013 - recklesswhispers

    I need to get out of this hell hole

    So the target that I work at is right on the main line which means everyone here is pretty rich and stuck up. But my amazement is the fact that I have more issues with the team leads and co-workers rather than the guests. My thing is that I always feel like I’m being personally victimized at target. If I try to talk to most of my co-workers, I get blown off. My bosses are constantly right over my shoulder whispering about how I do my job and I’ve only been working there for 3 months yet I’ve been pulled aside and talked to about 5 times already. I worked at walmart for about 6 months before i transferred to target and I can honestly say I liked walmart a lot better. The only reason why I switched is because I moved out of the area. But at walmart I was only called into the office about things that actually mattered and it wasn’t that often. and if I do say so myself, everyone at walmart seemed to take a liking to me and i was sort of like everyone’s little sister/kid there (i’m only 19).