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  • August 27, 2012 - Ramsesthegreat

    Ohh Target

    Well I no longer work for target after several years and I am glad to have left. Like many of you I have experienced incompetence from the ETL staff and the clueless mentality of the management staff in general.

    My first several years working for Target was pretty good I started off as a regular team member and i ended up working up to a TL which was in hindsight a mistake. They place unrealistic expectations upon the TL’s and they are the true workhorses of the store. There were countless times when only TL’s were scheduled on the floor to complete tasks, projects, and provide guest service due to “hours being tight” . ETL’s would walk the floor knowing that the sales floor was light but still give out more tasks to complete. They would constantly say to “delegate to your team” but there was no team scheduled to delegate to. Also don’t forget the pointless business walks, contribution forms, coachings, corrective actions, and leadership statuses they request from you as well.

    They will create a bunch of crazy schedules with new hires with ZERO training