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Archives / September 2015

  • September 13, 2015 - rainprincess64

    Do not use WIC at Tarshit

    If you’re using WIC, take your vouchers somewhere else. Their system is seriously outdated and will say things aren’t “WICable” there but are at other places. Also the supervisors give an attitude when you inform them of their system’s inaccurate databases and they keep insisting you’re wrong and they’re right. Screw Tarshit and their terrible managers!

  • July 13, 2015 - rainprincess64

    Old store fired GSTL, due to injured foot

    So I went to visit my old co-workers to introduce them to my newborn son (since I was pregnant while working there), only to discover my favorite team lead was fired a month ago. Why? Because he called out a few times thanks to his injured foot! Target He had an injured foot for many months (I want to say since may be November). They threatened his job if he were to have gone in a wheelchair for whatever reason. Ironically the HR ETL was in one for 6 months because she had a high risk pregnancy in the past!

  • Unfortunately my baby registry is set for Tarshit, as I was thinking of using my team member discount on things should I still be working there by the time I get that 15% off baby registry items coupon and blah blah blah (which of course I no longer do, thankfully!). So my boyfriend went to Tarshit since we have several gift cards for there and whatnot last night. He told me that when he was there, he was literally approached by 6 people in the hour and a half or so he was there. “Do you need help with anything?” Ugh, imagine hearing that 6 fucking times while you’re just browsing the aisles. At every other store I’ve ever shopped at, I get approached by may be 2 people, 3 at the most if I’ve been there for a decent amount of time. Funny enough, he ended up demonstrating to the 5th person that went up to him how he has yet to actually try stuffing anything in his hoodie and asked the guy if he is harassing him because of how he’s dressed. “Oh no sir, I’m just trying to make sure you’re helped.” Because he was so damn tired of this being harassed shit, he decided to ask for the guy’s manager. “That won’t be necessary.” Still, he insisted on asking for the manager and it was a team lead who came over and whatnot. He got the typical runaround about how they’re trying to service their customers, sorry for the inconvenience, blah blah blah.

  • The article also mentioned another 170 jobs being cut off in its technological operations location in Bangalore, India. Hmm, do you guys think that this could be a sign of things to come amongst other things? Is all of this a sign that Tarshit is on the verge of becoming a failing company (or already is)? Are people starting to understand that this company does so many things wrong and very few things right?

  • Note that this legit is not happening to me but is happening to a co-worker of mine instead. Years ago my co-worker had the Target Redcard (the credit card one) and defaulted on it before they ever became a Target employee. They were having financial troubles at the time thanks to the housing market crisis that took place across the good ol’ USA (thanks banks for screwing the little man over yet again with that [whole other topic however]!). So they defaulted on the red card and eventually the debt was paid off fully. Keyword being fully here, guys. A little more than a year ago this person became a Target employee. Not more than about 2 weeks ago now a letter was sent to the store regarding this default that took place years before they ever became an employee at Target. First red flag. Shouldn’t this kind of personal mail be sent to your home address and not your business’ address, even though it comes from the company at which you are an employee? The letter states that about 25% of his paychecks will be garnished to pay off this debt, which by the way was already paid off years before he ever became employed there. It also stated that if they want to refute the company’s actions or even the said debt itself, they must hire a private attorney.

  • February 20, 2015 - rainprincess64

    Target Pays $4 Million Due to False Advertising

    I’m sure this rotten company has made far more in false pricing of its products than they were made to give to prosecutors. May be Tarshit’s rotten practices of paying its employees unlivable wages and giving its spoiled guests what thy want at the registers is to compensate for their inability to charge proper prices. Let’s hope this company keeps getting bad press and loses so much money that they go out of business down the road. To those still stuck here: get out now while you can. There ARE always other options, you just gotta find them. Leave before this company screws you any further and if we’re lucky, before this boat sinks!

  • If you’ve read my past posts, I have been having serious problems with Tarshit regarding discrimination and issues with them screwing with my medical needs due to my being pregnant (due in mid-May). Since I recently got another job offer (start on the 23rd), I can finally say goodbye to the days of wearing the awful combination of wearing khakis and red shirts. I WISH my store managers could read this because they should know how much their leadership sucks and how stupid it is of them to think they’re SO cool because they work as retail managers. As if lacking social skills and being paid to be a professional babysitter are impressive in the least bit… LOL! Fuck you Tarshit, I have a new job that pays way more and doesn’t deal with customers with severe entitlement issues with ridiculous wishes sadly granted by spineless leaders. I go where the money is and it ain’t Tarshit, that’s for damn sure!

  • January 22, 2015 - rainprincess64

    Managers at Target have AWFUL Communication Skills

    Is it just me or does Target teach its managers to have NO sense of human interaction, you know how to actually communicate with people? This company just seems to lack overall communication and organization capabilities amongst its leaders. Whenever the ETLs at my store “counsel” people if they don’t get so many red cards in a week, they literally will say “do you have any concerns?” even if you spent 30 min trying to explain to them your concerns which go in one ear and out the other! Also they try to avoid certain topics that “challenge” the stupid shit they say and the dumb rules they try making up because they suck.

  • I made a previous post here (Target doesn’t treat pregnant employees very well) and it’s only getting worse. I got their stupid medical note for me to be allowed water that also happened to address my need for breaks every 2 hours. Hello, isn’t it company policy for them to give people breaks every 2 hours and not every 3, regardless of how busy it gets? So I called the Integrity Hotline to do the right thing because I cannot trust the HR at my store and God forbid they get a reminder they aren’t God. The bitches in HR don’t even acknowledge me anymore whenever I walk by, and won’t even speak to me by name anymore. They try to call me in for a shift on a day I am off while my family was still in town and leave me a voicemail stating such. I call back 10 minutes later, ask to speak with HR. I tell them who I am and why I’m calling “Hey A this is B and I am calling with regards to a voicemail I received 10 minutes ago about an open shift from 10 to 6.” She literally responds with “mhmm” when before she would’ve said Hey how’s it going? As a courtesy I informed her I was unable to take that shift and only said to me “Thanks for calling, I’ll let them know.” “Thanks A, have a nice rest of the day.” No response, just the click indicating the call recipient hung up on the caller.

  • December 21, 2014 - rainprincess64

    Target doesn’t treat pregnant employees very well

    I have been working at Target as a cashier since the start of this May. Things were going pretty good for a while until the holiday season came around and I discovered back over a month ago I am actually pregnant. Right now I am about 19 weeks pregnant and my team leads have been aware of this for over a month now. However, I have been rather troubled with how things have been run at my store since the new senior team lead started her new role. Nice lady but she has some very unrealistic expectations (freshly graduated from college).