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  • July 24, 2014 - ProhibitionRose

    Target AKA Scumlords

    This evening I went to Target quite begrudgingly because it was the only “store” on my way home from visiting a family member. First of all, it was 7pm on a fucking Wednesday and the store looks like it’s closed. The inside of the store is dark as hell and quite creepy looking. Knowing the stores hours, I go to the doors anyway expecting at least a sign saying “Yes, We’re Open!” or “We Couldn’t Pay The Electric Bill Huehuehue”. Instead, nothing. A lady in front of me pushed the automatic doors open and we go inside only to have to track down an employee to find out what the hell is going on.

  • September 28, 2013 - ProhibitionRose

    I am FREE!!!

    One week shy of my 90 day review, I quit. I have had enough of that place. I am sick of the nit picking, the bitchy attitudes and people being so damned two faced. It is awful.

    I called up and talked to the HR ETL and I told her I wasn’t going to be coming in anymore. Before I could say any more she got a really snippy attitude and said “That’s fine. We were going to let you go on your 90 day review anyway”. Good freakin’ riddance to you too, asshat!

  • September 17, 2013 - ProhibitionRose

    30 Days and I’m GONE!

    I am so FUCKING sick of this place.

    My TL is the biggest bitch and I am over it. As of today I decided that I am quitting in exactly 30 days. If I didn’t need the money and time to look for another job, I would have quit today.

    1.) The second I get into work as usual, my TL books it for her lunch. Her boyfriend was waiting in the Starbucks lobby to go on lunch with her. An hour after she leaves for her lunch, I’m wondering where she went and ask another girl in the area if she has seen her. The first question I am asked, “Is her boyfriend here?” Apparently its NORMAL for this bitch to take hour long PLUS lunches when he’s in the store? Yet she gets all snarky if someone is even a minute late from their lunch?

  • September 12, 2013 - ProhibitionRose

    Another Reason I HATE This Place…

    So I am still within my 90 days and today I went in after calling out with the flu the other day. (Thanks, Target for pretty much bullying me into getting one of your flu shots by the way!) The day I call out, my TL calls me wanting me to switch shifts for today. I didn’t answer because in my opinion vomiting while on the phone is rude. Then again, she would have deserved it. The next day, one of my days off, I call in and let her know that sure, I’ll switch my closing shift for an opening shift.

    When I get to work today, still feeling nauseated and just full of ickiness, I find out that this dumb blonde TL didn’t freaking schedule ANYONE else. There isn’t a single person in the store who can cover any of my breaks or lunch. Oh, and that there was a good chance they would need me to work 7:30a-9:30p. I’m like “Uhh no, go fuck yourself.” But politely, of course.

  • September 2, 2013 - ProhibitionRose


    I am so close to quitting it isn’t even funny.

    My TL was the scheduled opener of Starbucks today and immediately when I got there at noon, she took her lunch. She didn’t come back until an hour later, and then wandered around the grocery section, looking for people she liked so she could visit. When she got back, she immediately ignored the line of customers we had and started visiting with another TL who was on her lunch. They chatted for 15 minutes. I clocked her. Once it died down again, she wandered over to Food Ave to visit with them for 10 minutes. Then, she came back and spent the rest of her shift talking with her friends in the deli.

    I was literally running around like crazy with the busy rush we had while she flapped her damned gums. And the worst part? So many ETL’s saw it and didn’t say one effing word. I guarantee if it were me, I’d be getting “coached”.

    Why the hell wont they do anything about people like her?! How has she managed to become a manager when she is nothing but a lazy, gabby bitch? UGH!

  • August 27, 2013 - ProhibitionRose

    Third Week of Hell Week

    Today was my third week of working for Target. Today was also the day that an ETL made me cry. He is the biggest scum bag I have ever met. Yesterday I worked 6 hours, but was so busy that I didn’t get a chance to take a lunch and forgot. Immediately upon clocking in and going into the Starbucks, this a-hole ETL jumped down my throat in front of customers and other team members. I immediately apologized and promised it would never happen again, but he kept yelling! I started crying and I do not cry easily. I was so embarrassed!

  • August 23, 2013 - ProhibitionRose

    I hate my TL

    Today I was scheduled to open, as I have been for the past three days. Everything was going great until my TL came in for the mid-shift at Starbucks. You would think on a busy day that she could oh, you know…stick around and help me with the line of customers. First, she immediately goes over to talk to people she knows. Then, she just vanishes! I’ve been there three weeks and already I hate my job.

    If that wasn’t bad enough, I was scheduled to get off at 5 and a half hours so I wouldn’t have to take a lunch. She goes on lunch 15 minutes before I get off work, and is gone for 45 minutes!!! And when I see her, she is in the aisles talking to some guy and flirting!

    When she gets back, I get yelled at for not talking a lunch. I didn’t get a lunch or a 15 minute break. Two different ETL’s yell at me, then as I am heading on my way to clock out, ANOTHER person who’s title I don’t even know pulls me into her office because I wasn’t “vibing” with a customer and I looked “upset”. No kidding?! Maybe because I got yelled at twice in ten minutes, hadn’t gotten a bathroom break in six hours or gotten to even rest for a minute.

    If I didn’t need this paycheck, I would quit.

  • August 18, 2013 - ProhibitionRose

    Target/Starbucks Barista

    After two years of being a stay-at-home mom, I got a job working for Target as a Starbucks Barista. And I have to say that at first, it was pretty amazing. Everyone was super nice, the pay and hours looked great. And then, three days into training some strange things came into light. One of the girls training me had put her two weeks notice in because she doesn’t get along with the Starbucks Lead. Another, everyone was told that I was fully trained and needed absolutely no training. While I have Starbucks experience, it had been two years since I worked and I even made that perfectly clear during my interview.

    Nobody wanted to train me.

    So basically, I was getting re-accustomed to a completely different layout and trying to remember things from two years ago all while the girl who is quitting was telling me how to do things that were completely wrong. On my third day, I was told to ignore everything this girl said. Almost all of my shifts were with her and they were mid-shifts.