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  • May 21, 2014 - Presbadarious

    Target Cafe Falling Apart

    I just quit my job at Target Café after 3 years.   The “re-inventions” have been complete failures.  We used to have a lot of food customers and employees liked (e.g. burgers, sandwiches, nachos, fresh baked cookies) but over the years they eliminated everything that took a little time to prepare (which generally equals better food) and replaced it with “quick serve” items.  All in the effort to maximize the time we spend with customers.  Before I quit, I had nights where I only had 10 customers in 4 hours.  The new food is gross.  Steamed hot dogs that turn grey and bloated in 2 hours, pretzel sandwiches that nobody likes (more crust than filling) and our Icee machines never work correctly,   Not to mention our TurboChef cant cook anything correctly.  Most items need to be microwaved before they are baked.  Nobody buys the cookies or the tiny “brownies”.  I routinely QMOS’ed more food than I sold.  Sad situation.  Told management several times nobody likes the food anymore – but got the answer “Sample, Sample, Sample!”  The only things that sold were popcorn and soda.  I am glad I am gone – it was way too depressing.  I actually had great LODs and Team Leaders at my store.  I just think they were too afraid to tell upper management of the food problems.