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Archives / March 2016

  • March 28, 2016 - pissoff

    More things I hate about target

    1 when things get backed up or a bit busy EVERYONE has to pay. Team leads basically say Fuck your break or meal we have customers here! Uhh sorry to be rude here but I really don’t give a horses ass, my feet hurt and my stomach is growling

  • February 13, 2016 - pissoff

    Things that irritate me about target

    A few reasons why target is wack as hell:

    1 They talk to you in the most condescending way ever. When you aren’t getting red cards they’ll usually say some stupid shit like ” Are you asking every guest?” , ” are you telling them about the 5%?” Nah bitch I’ve been working here all this time obsorbing air and admiring the red paint

  • January 20, 2016 - pissoff

    Worst job ever

    I don’t care what anyone says. Cashiers have it the hardest, even hearing the phrase “Red card” makes my butthole tighten. You have to ask EVERY customer whether they’re buying a cartfull of items or just a pack of gum. And about 25% you get bombed out for constantly hounding them.