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Archives / September 2018

  • September 10, 2018 - PissedOffTM

    My coworker

    I was working service desk 4-6tonight and at some point when the GSA was back there I asked her to get me $20s and $10s I hadn’t gotten a chance to request yet. She did so and as soon as I was done with the transaction I requested it, added it to my drawer and told the computer add money. Pretty standard. 10pm rolls around and the GSA goes ” hey, what happened to the money I gave you earlier?” I told her I put it in the drawer and requested it. ” So what happened to it?The draw is out of $10s and $20s”  in a fairly accusatory tone.

  • June 22, 2018 - PissedOffTM

    Dumb rules

    I twisted my knee while working service desk today ( too much crap in the back…). It hurts to stand on it, so I asked my gstl if I could get a stool back there to sit on. He said there’s a rule about sitting back there. So I tried to stick it out,  but pain kept getting worse so I finally talked to my LOD and explained what happened and asked if I could sit to make it through my shift. She said no and told me to go home. Why can’t I just get a stool, rather than put the stress on everyone else?!