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Archives / December 2018

  • December 5, 2018 - pastorofmuppets

    Are you on walkie? Are you fucking kidding me?!

    Hired as seasonal, worked 6 depressing weeks, didn’t go into work tonight. Feels like a fucking weight has been lifted off my shoulders.


    “Are you on walkie?” was making me homicidal. WTF is with that crap? I applied to work a job, not join a fucking cult. “Guests and team members” No bitches, employees and customers. Quit it with this ridiculous talk!

    I didn’t bust my knuckles, literally, to try my best at pushing a 7ft tall pallet in the freezer BY MYSELF and still zone consumables in 2hrs 15 min to have a clown shoes LOD shift his hip and sigh in utter disappointment because I wasn’t some fucking wizard that could make that happen. Y’all bitches at corporate need to get with the program on what IS and ISN’T humanly possible.