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Archives / October 2015

  • October 4, 2015 - Overworked

    You can NEVER be fast enough for these people

    I’ve worked for Target in a variety of work centers, and if there is one thing I have learned as of late, is that you can never move fast enough for these pricks. Management stands around laughing it up all day while you are expected to bust your ass every single minute of your shift, God help you if you’re caught talking to a friend for even a minute.

  • I wasn’t bullied much in school, but at this shitty place being bullied is an everyday thing. My TL and STL are the biggest pieces of shit I have ever encountered. I’m hardlines, so I’m expected to push pulls, reshop, research, ect. The problem is, despite working my ass off I’m never recognized. In fact, I’m told I’m too slow and chat too much, which is complete bullshit. I’m on my third push cart when the other guy is still on his first. I never talk to anyone for over three minutes at a time. What, am I just supposed to not say a word to anyone for the whole day? Is this prison? What a joke, especially when I hear management laughing it up in the backroom or breakroom constantly. I see them do nothing BUT talk to each other and they say I talk too much? Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. It’s usually just me and and one or two other guys pushing if I’m lucky because this place is too goddamned cheap to schedule enough people.

  • November 13, 2014 - Overworked

    Bitched at for not getting the impossible done

    Management at this company is a fucking joke. They act all nice and then turn into assholes at the slightest thing. Do these people come off an assembly line? Are they human? Honestly, most of my leaders remind me of some fake, smiling used car salesman from Hell. Just a really shitty personality you don’t want to be around. Very two-faced.

    I’m now a Hardlines employee, when I never asked to leave my previous work area. They just fucking put me here. Worst of all, I’m the one that is ALWAYS assigned to push the backroom pulls. Everyone else is pushing reshop and zonning, while I get this shitty job.

  • July 22, 2014 - Overworked

    Probably going to get fired soon

    Recently received yet another bullshit coaching about my performance. Thanks coach! Fuck off. Took everything in my power not to hit this motherfucker in the face as he was talking down to me. I bust my ass and work as fast as I can everyday, yet I still get coachings instead of thank yous. I’m a hardlines TM who has to push the carts from the backroom by myself, even on truck days. One person cannot handle this workload alone and I have mentioned this to my idiot boss multiple times. It’s like talking to a fucking brick wall though, this guy.

    He claims the reason there are still carts in the back room in the morning is because I’m moving too slow. Motherfucker, I bust my ass everyday!

  • June 27, 2014 - Overworked

    Skeleton Crew EVERY FUCKING DAY

    Been working at Target for almost a year now and I can’t stand this fucking place anymore.  I have been switched to different work centers twice now without my approval, they just fucking did it.  I am currently Hardlines and always the ONLY one assigned to push the pulls from the backroom.  One person cannot handle this work load, even if I didn’t have to help our ONE backroom guy pull because the batches are always fucking huge, even if I didn’t have to help customers carry shit out to their car or get them something from the backroom, even if I didn’t have to answer stupid questions from customers on the phone, the carts STILL wouldn’t get pushed.  Every fucking night I leave there are at least four carts of merchandise still sitting in the back.  Whenever I ask for help, I get nothing.  But who’s fault is it?  Mine, of FUCKING course.