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  • So, we have another awesome fuck up from the world’s worst LOD that I ranted about in my last post!


    I thankfully am out of Target and am going to school full time again, but my girlfriend hasn’t been so lucky, she’s stuck with those failures at Tarshit, and she’s found out a ridiculous abuse from the world’s worst LOD.

  • March 1, 2014 - OriAsher

    World’s Most Evil LOD

    Alright, so I left the University for a year to find some work and get some real-world job experience. I applied to a bunch of different places and Target ended up contacting me for an interview. The world’s most evil LOD loved me during the interview, as such I was hired directly to guest services, which surprised me as I thought I would be stuck cashiering. For the first day of training, it was wonderful. Then it all turned to shit.