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  • November 26, 2014 - OnlyWhiteOvernight

    Quit Right Before BlackFriday(;

    First off; this website is fucking amazing.

    Okay so after being hired on as seasonal overnight it came quickly that only Mexicans work at this bitch; making me the minority. Anyone offended by this chill out im just saying; so all the girls can talk and take their sweet ass time but if i even ask another guy how his days going i get sent to another aisle. Like what the fuck? they ride my ass when i get aisles done like a mother fucker. I didn’t mind this shit job at first until i realized the management was shit and after getting yelled at for something new every other night that they should have trained me on but guess what! i got no fucking training; yeah fuck you target you cock suckers. Well at this point i say fuck it im gonna quit im not that desperate and this was really fucking over my schooling honestly.