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  • November 7, 2013 - ohiogal911

    i dont know what to think

    10 years ago target fired me….said I punched in too early too many times.

    ..yes I said early…worked there for 6 yrs…volunteered many times…had great

    attendance….never got a verbal or written warning just a pink slip….got and took

    my 6 mos unemployment…speed up to today ….I filled out an application to be

    rehired at a different target….had 2nd interview today….never once did he ask about

    my previous working at target…and when I told him I wasn’t even sure if I was eligible

    for rehire…he was silent and changed the subject…never once asked a thing bout my 6 yrs there..

    ..but at the end of interview said we will have a decision by weeks end….I don’t know what to think.

    …I told the truth on the application of my past working history at target…what do you think of this ??? thanks