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Archives / August 2012

  • I started working at one of the Madison Wi, stores in the fall of 2008. When I started I was very happy. the ETl’s and TL’s were amazing and very nice and truly cared for the team or atlest they did a very good job faking it. As the years pass we lost all but one ETL and all of the Tl’s and the store just seamed to go to shit!!!!!!! I started off as a TM. then a Electronics SP then when they did away with that title I became a Electronics TM. I have always practicaly been running the electronics and toy Dpt. doing basicaly TL work, just not coachings or bussness walks. I have shown quality work time and time again. I have even been a Great Team Hero twice. and have worked with AP with Apps and recoverys and have been sent letters from corp saying what a great job I do for the company. But when go for TL or GSA, I am told time and time again we dont thing you or ready or other bullshit like that, then we hire from outside some one totally “green” like my last TL who I basicaly had to Train myself, who then left after 4 months because she was going back to school and they did not want to work with her hours that she would be going.  In this time I have comunicated my issues i have had with fellow workers not doing there job as well as a TL of Plano who on countless ocasions has haft assed his work/pawned his work onto non Plano TM’s/ lied to ETL’s to save his ass, and even told a girl that she would not be getting hours cuz she is prego. I comunicate over and over on the things that make my ability to do my job harder and im blown off time and time again. we in just the past 2 months have had 4 TM’s and 6 TL’s quit do to the Bullshit. I would not even have came here if it was not for what happend today.  A GSA postion had just opend up and the ETL of that Dpt told me I should go for it and she even said ” I think you would do great” so I went ahead. Today I was pulled into My ETL’s (hardlines) office and basicaly (not in her words but what i got from what she said) told me that im not ready for that type of role unless i shut my mouth and let them keep sweeping the bullshit under the rug. She even went as far as to say that I cause drama and that im to emotional. Um No im a hard worker and im calling your bullshit and you dont like it. I feel I am being discriminated for speeking my mind and challanging them on things that are clearly not being taken care of such as, acountablility, fareness, ext ext.  plz tell me im not alone