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  • December 17, 2013 - 5150-Target

    Guest Service or Punching Bag

    So I’ve read a lot about all the shit the cashiers have to go through, but the worst of it all is GUEST SERVICE! So my last almost-bitch-slap moment was a few days ago. This woman came in because she purchased an open box of little debbie snacks (FROM ANOTHER STORE). I told her she could grab another box no problem at all. Well, THIS BITCH (woo GHETTO girl voice) has the NERVE to ask me to get someone to grab her a box. It’s noon and the store is packed because of the lunch rush. All of the sales floor is at the registers helping out. I said since we are busy there is probably no one back their to be her little personal shopper. She walks off and mumbles something under her breath. When she gets back she demands I give her the store managers email. Whatever, I grab someone to hand her the information. Since she was waiting on the lady to come back I decide to help out the people behind her (I am the only one in guest service and my line is building up). Immediately she says “Ummm you want to help me first.” I apologize saying I thought you wanted to wait for the woman to bring you the information. Once again this little bitch mumbles something under her breath. My LOD came back and was trying to figure out what was going on and the GUEST is like no I’m too angry right now, I’m going to just send you an email. I was almost skipped in line because she assumed I was waiting for you to come back. I wish I could of taken the broken glass ornament from my counter and stabbed her in her carotid. LMFAO I feel better. Thank you…

  • DUDE…strippers get more respect than cashiers and guest service team members. Unless guests walk up to guest service, it is nearly impossible to get a REDCARD, but don’t tell the GSAs that. They think the people at Starbucks could get redcards, the fuck?! The people who come into target are generally really nice and funny, but sometimes you get assholes that make you consider jail time for fucking with you. I don’t even ask if people want redcards anymore; I just hint that if they accidentally entered in the wrong information, they would get denied, but I’d be able to help them save 5%. BAM everyone wins. My GSA gets off my ass and the guest saves 5% without fucking up their credit. I work in a rich part of town (the kind of rich where people pull up in their aston martin and maserattis) NO ONE GIVES A FLYING FUCK ABOUT SAVING MONEY. I’m a college student, I don’t have time to worry about if I am going to have a job next week because I’m not getting redcards. I think it is time to start working out so I can start my job as a stripper, swinging on the pole to pay for college.