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  • UPDATE AUG. 29:¬†Target sent News10 a statement regarding this investigation. It has been added to the end of this story.

    STOCKTON – Central Valley Target stores have been hit with a credit card security breach, according to information contained in a search warrant affidavit filed by U.S. postal inspectors.

  • August 28, 2014 - necromancer

    DISTRICT 311

    Management needs to change or be revamped in most of the stores in this district. Shitty managers with shitty personalities most of them being the ones who are old school or been with the company a long long time.  Each of the store i have visited have the same issue or concern: no one is happy at the work place hence the consistency in employee turn over. So many managers have already quit most of these stores and for the most part the managers who left are the good ones-the ones with talent and integrity who got fed up and tired of the constant bullshit.