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  • July 16, 2012 - necroce

    Cart Attendant

    For almost a year my title was cart attendant for Target in Texas. This has to be the worst position in Target. Not only do they make the cart attendants go get carts, maintain the parking lot, clean the carts if needed, do carry outs, clean restrooms, clean any mess in the store (including cafe), sweep the entire store while still caring for customers and their needs. They also make the attendants do everyone elses job while still having to maintain their duties. This includes doing duties of hardlines, softlines, and front lanes. All while the LODs stand and talk around and laugh and have a good time at WORK. Cart attendants are the most under appreciated bunch of the entire store. They are used like mules for the lazy asses who dont want to work. I ABSOLUTELY HATED WORKING FOR TARGET!